Dining in Montreal: Where to Eat?

Visiting Montreal for the first time, and not sure where to eat? Don’t worry, we have you covered with 5 of our favourite spots!

During the past few years, Montreal has made a name for itself as a great destination for foodies. You can eat very well and for cheap, compared to other metropolitan cities in North America or Europe. Multiculturalism is the key behind this success. Regarding food, you can find anything in Montreal, from fine French cuisine to lesser know Tibetan gastronomy. Here are our top suggestions:

Food in Montreal

Ma Poule Mouillée

A great bang for your buck, Ma Poule Mouillée, a Portuguese Grill, offers a filling meal for only 10-15$ CAD tax included. Their specialty braised chicken with their famous piri-piri sauce is a must. Half a chicken, plenty of french fries and a salad will satisfy your hunger. To top it all off, you can try a Portuguese sweet for dessert: the famous pastel de nata!

Quartier Perse

Le Quartier Perse

You thought  you had to go all the way to Iran to taste their famous grilled meats and saffron rice? Save yourself the hassle by simply going to Le Quartier Perse. Lentil soup, filet mignon kebab Barg, mouth-watering koobideh and a mountain of saffron basmati rice. The best part? Everything  mentioned above is only 25$. It can be shared between 2 people or enjoyed alone for the foodies with an appetite.


Lemeac is an authentic Parisian bistro in the heart of MontrealThe menu remains relatively gourmand and affordable. However, it is advised that if  you are on a limited  budget, book in advance. After 10 PM, you can benefit from the night menu which consists of an entry and a main dish for $27. If we consider the quality of the food and the service, this offer remains a bargain. When we go, I often order the chèvre chaud as an entree and the foie de veau as the main dish.



A journey through India awaits you at the Maison Indian Curry HouseFrom the house specialty: classic butter chicken, to chicken tikka masala, this small family run restaurant will delight you. The quality/price ratio is excellent. Two people can eat very well for $40 CAD.


Last but certainly not least is Japanese restaurant Noren, our favourite on the list. This tiny restaurant is only a year old. The menu is relatively small, but the quality of the fresh products and the diversity of ingredients in the dishes is exceptional. Here you’ll enjoy an amazing meal in a comfortable and zen ambiance. The team consists of two chefs, a Quebecoise chef who lived in Japan for over 8 years, and her Japanese business partner now living in Montreal. The cooking space is small, which allows guests to enjoy an intimate dining experience. The chefs enhance the experience by engaging guests in conversation and inviting them to learn more about Japanese cuisine and culture. When we say this place is tiny, we mean that seating is very limited (10 seats), giving the place a homey feel that adds to its charm. By the end of the night, we can guarantee that you will leave the place with new friends!

Dare to try new things and treat yourself to new culinary experiences!

Bon Appétit, and enjoy your stay in Montreal. Connect with us at info@wheretonow.world, we would be happy to show you around!

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