Top 6 Winter Activities in Montreal, 2018

Wondering what to do during the cold Montreal winters? That is, aside from hibernating of course! 😉 Check out our top 6 activities to get you our of the house and moving (and warm) in no time!

1.  Take a walk around Mount Royal, our beloved mountain that was once a ski resort, which ends at the summit of the Observatory point. Don’t forget to make a quick stop at our infamous Tim Horton’s to pick up a hot beverage of your choice before you head up! Get off at the Mont Royal subway station to start your hike.


2. The city lights snowshoe excursion is an excellent way to discover the Montreal skyline at night from the beautiful Mont Royal trails. The activity lasts around 90 minutes. Snowshoes are provided. Make sure to dress warmly and wear lots of layers.Time and point of departure: Most Fridays and Saturdays at 6 p.m at the Beaver Lake Pavilion (Pavillon du Lac-aux-Castors). Running from January to March 2nd! (16 years of age and older)

Cost: $22 

Online reservation is required. 

If you want to be adventurous and go at your own pace, you can head to the main cabin and rent cross-country skis or snowshoes and go wander around the mountain!

Cross-country skis: (12 years and older)
$12 for 1 hour/$18 for 3 hours

Snowshoes: $9 for 1 hour/$15 for 3 hours

3. Try some ice skating around various Montreal locations! From December 9th until March 11th 2018, public skating rinks are open (provided the weather allows).

Some of the best ones include:

Natrel Skating Rink, Old Port  

Entrance fee: $6.95

Skate rentals require a deposit of $8.70 via credit card, a driver’s license, or a $50 deposit, all given back to you when skates are returned.  

*Tip: Try to get there on a Thursday- there’s is a live DJ! Don’t forget to bring your own lock (this will save you $5).

Beaver Lake, Mont Royal  (Lac-aux-Castors)

There’s no entrance fee, and skate Rentals are $9 for 2 hours

Click here for ice conditions!

4. Take the time to visit two of our most diverse and popular markets:

  • Atwater and Jean Talon Markets.

It’s the best way to sample local products such as maple syrup, fruits and vegetables, meat, and of course, cheese.

5. For the adventurous type looking for an unique experience, head over to the Old Port. You’ll find one of fastest growing electronic music festivals in the world: Igloofest. However, before you go, make sure to suit up in your flashiest snow attire and rock some warm boots! The local and international DJs will have you dancing at -40 degrees Celsius from Thursday to Saturday starting January 18th until February 3rd! If you are a fan of extreme sports, good music and an unforgettable experience, I suggest you start planning your weekend trip as soon as possible!

6. Montréal en Lumière is probably our favourite on the list. It’s one of the largest winter festivals Montreal has to offer, with an interesting program that combines gastronomy, free outdoor activities, performing arts and special activities throughout the city. However, it is best known for its annual Nuit Blanche, where the subways run throughout the night and where you can find a wide range of activities for any particular taste! These events operate from February 22nd to March 4th 2018.

  1. A good friend of mine lived in Montreal for a couple of years, and she fell in love with the city. I can see why! I’d definitely have to do ice skating, and 100% would go to Igloofest. That sounds awesome. I love snow and I love a good party!

    1. Montreal is a lovely place! I haven’t met anyone yet who didn’t have a great time here! Most complaining from people is due to the cold weather in winter, otherwise, it’s beautiful in the spring/summer/autumn!

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