Montreal Nightlife: Going out from Monday to Sunday!

Montreal Nightlife

One of the most tolerant and open-minded cities on earth, Montreal has always been known for it’s nightlife and European influence! During the prohibition era, Americans escaped to the Canadian “Sin City” to consume alcoholic beverages and party until dawn. The legal drinking age is 18, making it a hot party destination especially for our neighbours to the south who need to wait another three years in order to access a bar or nightclub. Montreal nightlife starts around 11:30pm and alcohol is no longer served after 3:00am sharp! It’s not uncommon to have locals meet at 9pm and have a few drinks among friends before heading out! Drinks are 9$ on average, depending on the establishment. Here are our recommendations for going out in the city, from Monday to Sunday:

Monday: Blvd 44

Monday is an unusual day to go out but don’t worry, we still have you covered if you wish to dance the night away with good music! Monday is Blvd 44’s industry night, which means that staff from bars and clubs around Montreal will be there, spending their night off. The crowd tends to be younger and prices are in the industry average!

Montreal Nightlife

Tuesday: Joverse

If you’re looking for somewhere to go on a Tuesday night, look no further! Joverse has a great selection of fresh tapas including oysters, tacos and korean barbecued wings, just to name a few. Pair this with a cocktail from their great selection, and your night is off to a great start. Drinks and food are on the pricier side but it’s to be expected for a venue in the Old Port of Montreal.

Montreal Nightlife

Wednesday: Flyjin

If you want to spend your Wednesday night at the hottest spot, you will need to play your cards right! Your safest bet is to arrive early (around 10pm) and have some drinks or food at the bar. Around 11:30pm, the place starts getting busier, the lounge vibe drops and the real party starts! The music is great but drinks and food are on the pricier side. Don’t forget to dress nice!

Montreal Nightlife

Thursday: Muzique  


Starting on April 13th, Muzique nightclub will be hosting Latin Nights every thursday.  @514promo pairs up with Muzique to bring you their hottest event: Sabor Latino! Open bar for ladies all night and a third floor terrace, Muzique has it all to please everyone. To get a spot on the guestlist, contact 514.400.6669 or @514promo

Montreal Nightlife

Friday: Don B Comber

This is a great place to spend your Friday night! This venue has a great terrace in the summer and a really cool surfer decor. Don B is the ideal place for a more relaxed ambiance, younger crowds and amazing drinks! Come with a few friends and get ready for a great night!

Montreal Nightlife

Saturday: Rouge Bar

A big club on the famous St-Laurent Blvd. The crowd tends to be 25+. Head there on a saturday night if you like great music from all genres. There are two floors with two different vibes. It tends to get very crowded, so make sure you get there early or book a table if you want to make sure that entrance isn’t a problem (especially if you are a group of guys).

Montreal Nightlife

Sunday : Go to church after a sinful week!
And in the evening, head to La Voûte! Sunday’s industry night at La Voûte is renowned for bringing the hottest bartenders and staff members from of all of the Montreal clubs and bars that are closed on this day.

You’ll have so much fun enjoying these Montreal hot spots, that you’ll want to do it all over again.

But for those of you who need to recover after a week of excitement, check out these wholesome Montreal activities! 😉

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    1. Montréal during the summer is an extremely fun city! Aim for June, July or August and you’ll have the time of your life! Let us know when you go! We’ll help you plan it!

  1. I’ll have to keep these places in mind! I’m planning a trip their actually, so these are great things to know!

    1. We’re glad you’re putting this into good use! Let us know when you come to Montreal, and if we happen to be home, it will be a pleasure to have a drink and show you around!

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