So…. Where To Now? 

What are we all about? Here is our mission; this is why we travel, what inspires us, and the reason we want to bring you along on the way!

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happiness comes with owning the car of the year, buying an apartment, wearing the latest fashion, or owning the most recent iPhone. Right?
So why is it every new acquisition is at first exciting, but that excitement quickly fades? We integrate new treasures into our lifestyle, but so rapidly they lose their lustre; we adapt, we want more. It becomes a never-ending cycle.
Memories, though, and the experiences from which they are borne — these never lose their sheen. If we might presume to advise you, that advice would be simple: stop consuming unnecessary things. Instead, buy experiences. Begin now! 
We are citizens of the world, of this place and time and as such, we must consume. But we prefer to consume experiences, sharing them with others. We know they, at least, will last a lifetime.
As we embark, people have called us “fortunate,” ”lucky” and “blessed.” Perhaps we are. But it is up to each one of us to choose what we do with our blessings. Each of us creates our own opportunities. We must follow our dreams, no matter what they are, pursue them with heart, hard work and dedication.
On these pages, we hope to inspire you, our fellow citizens of the world, to glorify experience over possessions. Experiences weave into the fibre of us, they become part of our personality. It is thanks to the places we’ve seen and the adventures we’ve lived that we become who we are.
We travel, and upon our departure, leave a piece of us behind; we gain a new one with each arrival. Join us as we discover how it can be done.
-The Where To Now? Team